About Paranjpe Vision Care

About Paranjpe Vision Care

We, at Paranjpe Vision Care, strive to provide state of art eye care services and guide you to select the appropriate eye wear, both scientifically and aesthetically.

Equipped with latest technology and expert skill set, Paranjpe Vision Care is a one stop destination for all you primary eye care needs.

Its founders, both Apoorv and Mithali Paranjpe are highly qualified optometrists. They started Paranjpe Vision Care only after gaining vast experience by working in hospitals, corporate companies and educational field.

They are friendly, approachable and have been known to see patients even after working hours in case of emergencies. They take time to explain to you about your eye condition, discuss various options and guide you to select the best.

Paranjpe Vision Care is strategically located in the heart of the city on Fergusson College Road.

Apoorv Paranjpe

After graduating in Clinical Optometry, Apoorv did his fellowship in Contact Lenses. He is a Fellow of International Association of Contact Lens Educator (Australia). His fellowship enables him to be associated with Contact lens practitioners across the globe, share as well as upgrade his knowledge and have access to contact lenses which may not be available in India.

He is a consultant contact lens specialist at various hospitals and clinics in Pune. He is a visiting faculty and is invited as an external examiner to various optometry colleges.He has conducted workshops and spoken as seminary for corporate contact lenses companies and is involved in training contact lens practitioners.

Apoorv is known to regularly participate in conferences and seminars, thus keeping himself up to date with the latest advancements in eye care.

He specialises in all types of contact lenses- Soft, Semisoft, Hard, Scleral, Corneal, Hybrid, etc.

Mithali Paranjpe

Mithali did her Bachelor of Clinical optometry and then went ahead to do her Masters from Bharati Vidyapeeth University. An academic genius, she topped her college during both her Bachelor and Master course.

Mithali has been mentored by eminent ophthalmologist in Pune like Dr Sangeeta Wagh, Dr Parikshit Gogate and Dr Kishor Pahuja, to name a few. Mithali has been a faculty at BVP School of optometry, an external examiner at various colleges and now a visiting faculty. She worked for Indian Vision Institute (an initiative by Brien Holden Vision Institute, Sydney) as a teacher’s trainer for a brief period. Here, she trained fellow optometrists across India. She got to interact with Indian as well as foreign optometrist, further expanding her own knowledge.

She has presented at various seminars and conferences. Spreading knowledge is her passion and she regularly conducts eye care and awareness talks in schools, companies and organizations.

She specialises in ocular muscle exercises to treat eye strain and fatigue caused by long hours of computer use, muscle imbalance, double vision, squint and many more conditions.