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How Does Blurring Occur?

When the images of objects are not focused on the retina, vision is blurred. This is due to visual effects.

Myopia or Short-sightedness

You do not see distance object clearly. The eye is too long and the images form in front of the retina.

Hyperopia or Long-Sightedness

You find it difficult to focus on near objects. (You often get tired or suffer from headaches) The eye is too short and images form behind the retina.


You see some lines blurred. Both near and distant lines (vertical, horizontal or oblique) do not appear clear because your cornea is irregularly shapeed.


You begin to have difficulty viewing near objects.
Virtually everyone is affected after the age of 40. The crystalline lens loses its elasticity and the ability to focus on close objects or small print gradually declines with age. Presbyopia will occur in addition to previous visual defects such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism.


Can you read ALL the black and grey letters with each eye?