About Paranjpe Vision Care

Enhancing Clarity Since 2010

The journey of Paranjpe Vision Care started 10 years ago when Pune was transitioning from a Pensioners’ paradise to a software hub and the name of Optometrist was more of a western concept and new to Pune.

Paranjpe Vision Care established itself as a one-stop-shop for all the primary eye care needs in Pune. Using innovative techniques and state-of-the-art technology, Paranjpe caters to all age groups, right from a new born baby to senior citizens. Paranjpe Vision Care strives to make their patients as comfortable as possible and have at times made home visits to incorporate the needs of senior patients.

They have always believed that the quality in a service or product is not what you put into it, it’s about what consumer gets out of it. The implementation of this belief has made them the best optician store in the city.

The owners of the store are highly qualified optometrists and have been practicing at various hospitals and clinics.

Apoorv Paranjpe

Apoorv Paranjpe is a qualified optometrist and has pursued Bachelor of Clinical Optometry. He has also done his fellowship in Contact Lenses and is a Fellow of the International Association of Contact Lens Educators (Australia). All through the time, he has been globally associated with Contact lens practitioners and has enhanced his knowledge.

With his extensive knowledge in contact lens, Apoorv is also a consultant contact lens specialist at numerous hospitals and clinics across Pune. He is also a visiting faculty and an external examiner to various optometry colleges. Apoorv actively participates in conferences & seminars. He is also a guest educator and speaker for various corporate contact lenses companies. Apoorv holds specialization in all types of contact lenses namely- Soft, Semisoft, Hard, Scleral, Corneal, Hybrid to name a few.

Mithali Paranjpe-Kamat

Mithali is a topper of her college in both Bachelors and Masters of Clinical Optometry. She has been mentored by eminent ophthalmologists like Dr. Sangeeta Wagh, Dr. Parikshit Gogate and Dr. Kishor Pahuja. She has also been a faculty at BVP School of optometry and an external examiner at numerous colleges. Mithali has worked for the Indian Vision Institute (an initiative by Brien Holden Vision Institute, Sydney) as a teacher’s trainer where she trained fellow optometrists across India.

Mithali has a passion for spreading ocular awareness and regularly conducts eye care and awareness talks in schools, organizations and companies. Mithali specializes in ocular muscular exercises which are useful in treating double vision, squint, muscle imbalance, eye strain and fatigue which are many times associated with continuous work on a computer.