Eyes During Lockdown - Part 2.4

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Eyes during lockdown – Part 2.4

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How to protect your vision from the ill effects of digital exposure during the current lockdown? 

While it will not be fair to ask you to stop your digital device use given the current situations, let’s see how we can minimize it and when we do use screens, how can we best use them to cause minimum ocular stress.

I shall be sharing one point everyday with you all. 


4.  Take regular breaks while viewing display devices 

If you aren’t ready to cut down on overall screen usage Simple lifestyle adjustments - while decidedly low-tech - can make a dramatic difference. Try slicing up longer periods of screen time with short breaks. This will not just take our eyes off the screen but also give the ocular muscles some rest and a different focus.


Follow the 20-20-20 Rule 


Give your eyes a break after every 15-20 minutes by looking at an object located 20 feet away (at the far end of the room or outside the window) for 20 seconds. Doing so will allow your eyes to relax and will give both you and your eyes some rest. 

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Or better still 

Every half-hour to an hour, take a quick breather. Jog around the room (or in place) for a few minutes. 


benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles | Off the ShelfStart a big puzzle and vow to take a break to place at least five pieces every time you catch yourself overusing the screen.

Short breaks can lead to greater focus overall. They can also be addictive; stepping away from the TV for five minutes often turns into 10 or 15 minutes. And just like that, you’ve given your eyes and your mind a well-deserved break.




Arrange your work routine to ensure a mix of IT and non-IT tasks 

Avoid prolon           geHow to effectively manage your team's workload · Asanad periods of keyboard or seated activity, remembering to stretch and regularly change positions. It is especially true when remote-working as work can often be more intense without the usual office distractions (e.g. people stopping by your desk, etc.). 



Stay safe, Stay healthy


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