Refraction (Detection of Eye Number):
Both computerised and manual available

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Our Products

Paranjpe Vision Care offers a diverse collection of eyewear, from spectacles, sunglasses to contact lenses that are sophisticated, elegant, stylish and meets your contemporary needs.

Spectacle Frames

Explore a wide range of spectacle frames from various options. Be it a Full Rim, Half Rim or Rim-Less frames, choose the one best for you. Going from a chic to a vintage collection, you can carry the look you have always wanted to. Paranjpe Vision care offers a wide collection of Spectacle Frames for you to choose from.

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Spectacle Lens

Paranjpe Vision Care tailors each lens to exactly match your visual demands, be it indoor computer use, outdoor activities, beachwear, night driving or the perfect eyewear for your snow excursions. The spectacle lenses provided by Paranjpe Vision care aren’t just about correcting vision but are also about enhancing the quality of visual experience along with being trendy and sassy.


An array of sunglasses are available at Paranjpe Vision Care. The high in fashion sunglasses for all age groups are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes options. Apart from UV protection, Paranjpe Vision Care also has polarized sunglasses which further protect your eyes front the glare causing reflected light.

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Contact Lens

Millions today, all around the world wear contact lenses on a daily basis. The eye is a sensitive organ and since contact lenses sit directly on the eye, we prescribe contact lenses only after an elaborate eye examination and by understanding you’re wearing needs. It is important for the lenses to be not just soft and comfortable but also compatible with the structure of your eye.

Special Contact Lenses

Just when you think dealing with ocular conditions is a pain, we have the special lenses required for various conditions to help you to see better! These special contact lenses can be used in conditions like Keratoconus, Keratoplasty, post LASIK complications, extreme corneal dryness.

Various corneal conditions like Keratoconus, post Lasik ectasia, corneal trauma, Stevens-Johnson syndrome hamper visual quality. When optimal vision cannot be attained with spectacles and regular soft contact lenses, we have options of RGP, scleral and mini scleral lenses.

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